Supremo Shoes and Boots

Supremo Shoes and Boots is a hongkong based shoe trading company founded in 1997. The production plants are located in China, Macau, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. Our operation office in Hongkong is monitoring the production runs together with the liaise local teams in all countries.

In spite of the traditional market in Germany, Supremo Shoes and Boots supplies also European markets in Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Iceland, The Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia as well as Canada, Australia and Israel worldwide.

Children's, ladies' and men's casual walker is the main focus of the Supremo's Collection. "Comfort" is the most impact of the our products.You may observe over 1200 top styles each and every Spring/ Summer & Fall/ Winter collection from us.

The company is aiming at:

- best customer-satisfactory
- flexibility on customer-demands
- reliability
- price value products
- success by customer-success